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New Low-Profile Surface Mount Inductors
Ideal for Tight Spaces On Small PCBs

DR331-5 Low-Profile SMD Inductor photo

Romoland, CA−Designers of small, compact or portable electronic equipment trying to pack lots of functionality into their layouts for printed circuit boards (PCB´s) will find the new low-profile DR331-5 Surface Mount Inductor from Datatronic Distribution, Inc., offers outstanding EMI protection performance and reliability in a miniature package.

The tiny DR331-5 surface mount inductor stands a mere 1-mm (0.39 inch) tall and is only 6.70 (w) -X- 5.60 (l) mm (0.263-X-0.220 inches). These inductors are ideal for a wide range of portable, compact and miniature devices, such as PDAs, mobile phones, portable hard drives, medical appliances, bar code scanners--wherever high-density circuit board design is a requirement.

To protect critical circuits from the dangers of EMI, the DR331-5 surface mount inductor features a wide inductance range from 1.2 to 330 uH, +20 percent. The DCR range is 0.08 to 15 ohms maximum, and the current rating is 2.1 to 0.13 amps. They operate over a wide temperature range from -40 to +85oC, making them suitable for use in many rugged environments.

The DR331-5 surface mount inductors are designed with materials that meet the requirements for RoHS compliance. With their low-profile surface mount package design, high performance over a wide inductance range and rugged design, these inductors are ideal for use in a many different industries, including industrial controls, medical, instrumentation, telecom and computer.

The DR331-5 inductor´s flat top design makes it compatible with high-speed pick-and-place assembly equipment, and it is suitable for high-temperature soldering in accordance with J-STD-020C. The DR331-5 is available with either gold wrap around or tin wrap around terminations at no additional charge. They are shipped standard on tape-and-reel with 2,000 pieces provided per reel.

Custom designed DR331-5 inductors are available upon request to meet unique circuit requirements. The DR331-05 inductors are priced from $0.29 each in typical production volumes. Lead time is stock to six weeks. Volume OEM pricing is available upon request.

Datatronic manufactures transformers, inductors, ADSL transformers, LAN filter modules and many other magnetic devices in standard off-the-shelf as well as custom packages. For further information, contact Datatronic Distribution Inc., 28151 Highway 74, Romoland, CA 92585, or telephone toll free 1-888-889-5391, or 951-928-7700 or fax 951-928-7701. Email Datatronic at ddisales@datatronics.com or visit the website at http://www.datatronics.com.

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