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New Magnetics Selection Guide & Short Form Catalog

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ROMOLAND, CA–November 17, 2011–Design engineers looking for a faster, smarter way to specify and select high-reliability transformers and inductors for electronic equipment applications will find the new Magnetics Selection Guide & Short Form Catalog from Datatronic Distribution, Inc., and saves time and eliminates headaches.

The new Selection Guide & Short Form Catalog provides specification information on dozens of transformers and inductors. For the designers of commercial, industrial and mission-critical electronics, the new guide includes descriptions of standard magnetic components available off-the-shelf as well as information that will assist them in designing special or custom devices.

Datatronic is widely recognized for its expertise in magnetics design, manufacturing technology, quality assurance, customer service and value. The company is qualified to some of the industry’s most demanding performance, quality and environmental standards, such as ISO, UL, BABT, VDE, MIL-PRF-27, MIL-PRF-21038, MIL-STD-981 and NASA Space Station Approved.

Datatronic Distribution is a recognized leader in transformers and inductors for a wide range of commercial and industrial electronics, including power supplies, power filtering equipment, industrial controls, instrumentation, telecommunications and more. Magnetic components from Datatronic Distribution are commonly found in point-of-sale terminals, commercial lighting controls, automobile engine systems and solar power generating stations.

Established in 1971, Datatronic is a global leader in the development of innovative magnetics technologies and component products supported through world class manufacturing, total quality management, responsive service and superior value. The company consists of two separate businesses units: Datatronic Distribution, Inc., and Datatronics Romoland, Inc.

For more information, contact Datatronic Distribution Inc., 28151 Highway 74, Romoland, CA 92585, or telephone 951-928-7700 or fax 951-928-7701. Visit us at or email us at

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